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Fertile Earth Worm Farm

Worm Castings

Worm Castings

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Certified organic worm castings! Ideal for use in container plants, as well as garden beds, these castings provide a microbial boost to your soil, making it much more fertile, increasing water retention and providing protection from plant diseases. Earthworms and cocoons may be present (in small numbers)! Makes your plants grow like crazy!

Put a half cup in each planting hole prior to planting, mix 20% by volume into soil mix or use 1/4" - 1/2" as a top dressing on established plants.

Made in Georgia.

Packaging Details:

2lb/10lb: Packaging is compostable (minus stickers and tin tie).

5 gallon (Burlap): While the sticker can't be composted, the burlap can! Given the biodegradable nature of the burlap, however, it is not encouraged for long-term storage, especially outside

5 gallon (Sandbag): Sandbags are more suitable for long-term storage as they can be in the sunlight for 1600 hours before breaking down. They can also be reused.

Supersack: Please contact for details.

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