Large Scale Composting

Do you have a business that needs a composting option?

Fertile Earth Worm Farm currently services commercial food waste generators in all of South Florida and Monroe County, from Homestead to Miami to Broward to West Palm Beach and everywhere in between.

16 years and tens of millions of pounds later, we feel like we are just getting started! 

How It Works

  • Step 1: Separate

    First we train your staff on the simple but vital first task of composting: Separate all organic matter from your trash.

  • Pick-Up

    Our Commercially Licensed Driver will show up in a specially outfitted truck to pick up your 65-gallon toters (or 3-yard dumpsters)

  • Rinse & Repeat

    Our zero-smell operation includes lots of cleaning.

    Your toters will be refreshed every single time.

  • Transport

    The compost is brought to our compliant and insured farm for processing.

  • Regenerate

    Soon, your old food scraps, (instead of becoming contaminants in a landfill), become beautiful organic soil to be returned to our community.

  • Step 2: Celebrate!

    And that it! Sustainable waste management is as simple as that.

    You separate it and we let the Earth do the rest.


Soil being moved by machine

10+ Dedicated Acres of Land

We are the only composting farm in S. Florida with the equipment, space, and expertise to handle large commercial food waste generators.

Best Team in the Business

Dr. Lanette Sobel, MS, DPM (center) has been called "Miami's Queen of Compost" by the Miami Herald, as she's in a class by herself. She brings unmatched composting and vermicomposting experience to Dade County, and her immense passion for the Earth and the environment is contagious. Fertile Earth's 20 staffers and volunteers are ready to transform soil farming in Dade County to create a healthier future for all.

Our Team

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