Residential/Municipality Composting

Our residential pilot program at Pinecrest Gardens is up and running and exceeding expectations

What is it?

Although door-to-door pick-up is not a viable option at this time, we have teamed up with the City of Pinecrest and created the first program with community drop-off areas for large scale residential composting.

We have already diverted hundreds of thousands of pounds of residential food scraps, and we aim to replicate this formula throughout the county with other municipalities.

How It Works

24/7 Drop-off areas (Two options)

1) A large drop off bin is located in front of the Pinecrest Public Library

2) Food scraps can also be dropped off at the bins located between the Community Center and Pinecrest Gardens (look for signs near the cottage)

11000 Red Road, Pinecrest, FL 33156

Sundays at the Farmer's Market

Visit us at the farmer's market on Sundays and:

  • Pick up a free compost-transfer bin (for Pinecrest residents)
  • Buy the most incredible organic soil-mix in all of Dade County
  • Bring all your questions, dance moves, and plant stories.

* Everyone is Welcome!

Perhaps most incredible: Pinecrest is allowing anyone from anywhere to participate in their composting program. So come on Sundays to their farmer's market!

We are always looking for partnerships with other towns, neighborhoods associations, condos, and of course, businesses. If you would like to start composting please let us know.

This pilot program is fully funded by Miami-Dade County District 7 Commissioner Raquel Regalado

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